My consultations are insightful, healing, and offer productive down-to-earth guidance for navigating one’s life path.
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Natal Chart Consultation


The Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the precise moment of your birth. A natal chart reading can provide incredible insight into current life circumstances, validate past experiences, and provide foresight into what’s next on the horizon. An astrologer is trained in interpreting planetary symbology, significations, and archetypal energies present in your chart. These interpretations can address a wide range of topics, conditions, environments, and potentials playing out in a variety of life scenarios.  90 minutes

Key themes: Life purpose, Career, Life transition, Relationships.

Year Ahead Transit Consultation 


I suggest getting a birth chart analysis first, but it is not necessary. In this consultation current transits, progressions,  eclipse cycles, profections, and the solar return chart are used to delineate a detailed yearly forecast. We will look into the areas of life that are being most highlighted and discuss ways to best utilize the cycles and themes that are unfolding over the next year.  90 minutes.

Creative Mentoring & Consulting  


My mentoring services are best suited for individuals interested in developing or evolving their creative practice, who are ready to receive constructive feedback and have a desire to experiment and grow.

I mentor beginners and individuals working in fine arts, electronic & digital arts, lens & time-based media, and performance. If you are ready to expand your vision and investigate new artistic territory, I can help!

Mentoring sessions are appropriate for beginners, students, hobbyists, and professionals. 60 minutes

Enter the Wild Astro-coaching


Enter the Wild: Three (90 minute) Astro-coaching sessions

Are you interested in exploring your birth chart and harnessing the powerful combo of astrology and mentoring to initiate positive change in your life? In these three sessions we will identify an area of your life you'd like some support and guidance in, and come up with a few simple achievable goals you'd like to move towards. The sessions are designed to be collaborative creative and fun!


$$ - $$$

In an effort to make my services accessible I offer a sliding scale fee for Natal ChartYear Ahead Transit, and Creative Mentoring consultations. Please email me directly to determine if you are eligible and to book an appointment

30-60 Minutes.

Please read the Disclaimer below before booking any service.